Numeric Unit Multipurpose Interface

Numi (Numeric Unit Multipurpose Interface) is a experimental multipurpose bot that offers multiple services. She can be summoned like my other bots with her hashtag #numi

Please note: You do not need to mention her directly, just use her trigger hashtag in a public (non unlisted or private) post. If she does not answer to your request try to follow her first and then making the request. In any case, if Numi does not answer or seems unresponsive to commands you can report such ocurrence to the author.

Some commands are available in a pseudo-natural language way too, the examples illustrated are some ways of how can they be formulated but Numi can take the same commands in several ways. The language recognition patterns are always being tweaked so the more people ask Numi stuff, the more she will learn how to react to those requests.

- Ping

This simple command just allows to test the availability of the bot, she will do nothing more than answer with the word "pong"

Example: #numi /ping

- Rolling dices

One of her most simple features is rolling dices in the D&D notation. Used without parameters rolls a simple 6 faces dice, but you can roll different dices, like 3d20, 4d10, etc.

Example: #numi /roll
#numi /roll 3d8
         #numi /roll 3d8,2d10,3d20 

- Choosing stuff

With this command you can give her a list of things, and she will randomly choose one of them.

Example: #numi /choose food;sleep;play
#numi /choose rock;pop;electro;hiphop

- Fortune

With this command she will answer with a random quote from the "Fortune" database.

Example: #numi /fortune

- Recipes

Numi has a large databases of recipes and issuing this command will give you a random recipe, you can also specify her the ingredient that you want the recipe to feature.

Example: #numi /recipe
#numi give me a recipe
         #numi give me a recipe with carrot and corn


This gives you a random quote from the IRC Quotes database website

Example: #numi /qdb

- 8ball

Ask numi an <yes> or <no> question and let her guess your future with her magic 8ball. Make sure to include the question ? mark at the end of your question!

Example: #numi /8ball will she say yes?
#numi /8ball am i going to pass the semester?

- Translation

Numi can translate the text you type (no matter the language) to a target language you specify. The translation is done using Yandex Translator and currently supports the following target languages:

Language    Code    Language    Code
Azerbaijan  az      Malayalam   ml
Albanian    sq      Maltese     mt
Amharic     am      Macedonian  mk
English     en      Maori       mi
Arabic      ar      Marathi     mr
Armenian    hy      Mari        mhr
Afrikaans   af      Mongolian   mn
Basque      eu      German      de
Bashkir     ba      Nepali      ne
Belarusian  be      Norwegian   no
Bengali     bn      Punjabi     pa
Burmese     my      Papiamento  pap
Bulgarian   bg      Persian     fa
Bosnian     bs      Polish      pl
Welsh       cy      Portuguese  pt
Hungarian   hu      Romanian    ro
Vietnamese  vi      Russian     ru
Haitian     ht      Cebuano     ceb
Galician    gl      Serbian     sr
Dutch       nl      Sinhala     si
Hill Mari   mrj     Slovakian   sk
Greek       el      Slovenian   sl
Georgian    ka      Swahili     sw
Gujarati    gu      Sundanese   su
Danish      da      Tajik       tg
Hebrew      he      Thai        th
Yiddish     yi      Tagalog     tl
Indonesian  id      Tamil       ta
Irish       ga      Tatar       tt
Italian     it      Telugu      te
Icelandic   is      Turkish     tr
Spanish     es      Udmurt      udm
Kazakh      kk      Uzbek       uz
Kannada     kn      Ukrainian   uk
Catalan     ca      Urdu        ur
Kyrgyz      ky      Finnish     fi
Chinese     zh      French      fr
Korean      ko      Hindi       hi
Xhosa       xh      Croatian    hr
Khmer       km      Czech       cs
Laotian     lo      Swedish     sv
Latin       la      Scottish    gd
Latvian     lv      Estonian    et
Lithuanian  lt      Esperanto   eo
Luxembourgish   lb  Javanese    jv
Malagasy    mg      Japanese    ja
Malay       ms 

To request a translation you can use this syntax:

         #numi /translate --<code> <text>

Example: #numi /translate --ja this text will be translated to japanese
#numi /translate --en este texto sera traducido a ingles
         #numi /translate --de このテキストはドイツ語に翻訳されます。

- Source of pictures

If you see a nice picture posted or have yourself an anime picture that you want to know either the artist, the character, the series to which it belongs or just get the artist page, you can use this command, Numi will try to get the source and relevant information about a image. Just issue this command while posting a picture OR while replying to a post which has the picture you want the source.

Example: #numi /source
#numi give me the source of this picture
         #numi who appears in this picture?

It works better with anime pictures but it can potentially work with other type of pictures too.

- Enhancing pictures

This command allows you to enhance a small and compressed picture using the Waifu2x algorithm. Numi will try to double the picture size while cleaning the compression artifacts and preventing from pixelating it. It works better with pictures of anime/manga/cartoons but you can test it on any kind of pictures.

The usage is similar as with the Source command, just issue the following commands while replying to the post which has the image you want to enhance OR while posting yourself a picture in your post:

Example: #numi /enhance
         #numi enhance this picture please

- Urban dictionary

Numi can fetch the definition for a term using the Urban Dictionary webpage, use this command to do so:

Example: #numi /urban <term>
#numi what does it mean <term>?
         #numi what is the definition of <term>?

- Wikipedia

Just like with Urban Dictionary, Numi can search in Wikipedia for a term that you specify, use this command:

Example: #numi /wikipedia <term>
#numi what info do you have about <term>?
         #numi what does wikipedia says about <term>?

- Anime Info

If you want to know more about an anime or a manga, numi can fetch info from the MyAnimeList website and give you the number of chapters, the synopsis and other info, just use this command:

Example: #numi /mal <name of the anime>
#numi /mal Genshiken
         #numi give me info about the anime Madoka Magica

- Game of Trivia

You can play a game of trivia with numi, you just use the /trivia command:

Example: #numi /trivia

She then will issue one question of diverse subjects, the question can be multiple option (up to 4 options) or a simple True or False question.

    Which of these levels does NOT appear in the console/PC versions of the
    game "Sonic Generations"?
       1: Sky Sanctuary
       2: Planet Wisp
       3: Mushroom Hill
       4: City Escape
    Tries available: 2

Depending on the type of question, the tries available can be 2 or 1. To answer the question just invoke her with her hashtag and the number of the reply after a colon.

        #numi :4
Eventually she will tell you that your answer is either correct or that is wrong and will inform you the remaining tries left:

    - Sorry! That was a wrong answer!
      Tries left: 1
    - Correct Answer!

- Reminder service

You can ask numi to issue you a reminder based on a determined time, For now the requests of reminder works in the form “5 minutes”, “1 hour”,  "30 minutes", etc. I’m working on refining her understanding of the requests but for now she works like this.

Example: #numi /remindme 1 hour
#numi /remindme 25 minutes

WARNING:While the reminders work, please do not use this feature to set important reminders.

There are many other hidden commands and funny features that Numi has, to be sure to discover then follow creator Numi  is always being tweaked and improved, so if you have suggestions or reports make sure to do them to my main account.

Last updated:
11/Nov/2019 -