Lewdbot Engine Bots

Safebot and Lewdbot are bots from which you can request images of anime and hentai based on tags that you supply at them. You can invoke them with their hashtags which respectively are #safebot and #lewdbot

Please note: You do not need to mention directly the bots, just use their trigger hashtags in a public (non unlisted or private) post. If the bots do not answer to the request try to following them first and then making the request. In any case, if the bots do not answer you can report such ocurrence to the creator.

Requesting Images

The bots take requests of images using the gelbooru tag notation. You can request images based on one or more tags.

Example: #lewdbot solo
         #safebot blue_sky cloud 1girl
         #safebot 2girls striped_*

You can put a hyphen before a word to exclude that term from the results.

Example: #lewdbot 2girls -yuri
         #safebot 1girl -bikini -underwear

Relaxing the content filter.

The bots have a quality content filter in place to make sure they deliver acceptable results. If you request isn't delivering any results and you are sure that you are writing your request in a correct way, that must be because one of the tags you are requesting is in the content filter, or because the request returns only images with a too low score.

If you wish, you can relax this filter which can yield more results and make more images appear.

WARNING: The author of these bots is not to be blamed for the low quality or the traumatic nature of the results given with the filter disabled! Having said this, Safebot at least should always return safe(at least borderline safe) images even if the filter is relaxed.

To disable the filter use a double dash right before your request tags.

Example: #safebot -- bikini yuri
         #lewdbot -- 2girls ahegao

The bots add the tag #nofilter to these results, allowing people which do not wish to see unfiltered results to add the tag to their instance's personal filter.

Multiple Images

You can request to be served more than one image by query, up to 4.

PLEASE NOTE that requesting more than one image takes more time to serve the request! In some cases the request may fail, for example, in case of requesting videos or very heavy files.

To request more images, write a colon followed by the number of images you request

Example: #safebot :4 2girls coffee_*
         #lewdbot -- :2 1girl solo toys

Commenting the requests.

If you make a request to the bots, you can include text and mentions right before your requests and the bots shall include them in the reply as well:

Example: This is a test @karolat #safebot 1girl solo

The bot should reply with the text and mentions attached to it:

Example: @daisuke @karolat "This is a test" #request <returned image>

There is a cap of 4 mentions max to prevent the use of the bot to create hellthreads.

Request untagging

If someone is dragging you into their requests to any of the bots and you do not wish to be included into them, you can always issue a command to the bot and you will stop being included in any response in the future.

Example: #safebot untag

Doing this will omit your username from attached mentions in other people's requests, but won't prevent you from making requests and being notified about them like the usual.

Blocking Tags

You can have a personal list of filtered tags, so the bot will never give you pictures that include the tags you have blocked.

To block certain tags use the command /blocktags

Example: #safebot /blocktags nazi
         #lewdbot /blocktags shota loli pubic_hair

Each bot has its own block list independent from the other, so blocked tags on safebot are not the same for lewdbot, you can set a different filter for each one.

To see which tags are you currently blocking, use the command:

Example: #safebot /blocktags show

You can clear the tag filter at any moment using the command

Example: #safebot /blocktags clear

But also, if you specify new blocked tags, the old ones are overwritten.

Final notes

The bots are always being tweaked, if you have suggestions or reports make sure to do them to my main account.

Last updated:
17/Jul/2019 - @daisuke@stereophonic.space